We Were You 4 Years Ago

And Then We Started Working with Trace 3D....

We Didn't Have the Tools

We are runners, working with runners.  We experienced many successes, but also encountered stuggles.  Running gait analysis could be performed at a basic level, but did our clients understand and see what we saw with basic 2D video? We wanted in depth descriptive analysis, but didn’t have hours to analyze data.  We wanted better information to make better decisions, but didn’t have $500,000 for a gait lab.  We searched for a solution, but came up empty.

So we created Trace 3D

…..and it changed our lives.  Over the past few years, we have continued to refine the clinical use of Trace 3D and are excited to share our entire system with you.  We are excited to change your life, like this changed ours. 

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